A Life Raft for Students: SOS workshops share tips on how to succeed in college

By Fortune Delaney-McClung, Kapi‘o Staff Writer/

While the pressure to graduate on time may seem daunting at times, Kapiolani Community College offers many different ways to help a student succeed in college.

Secret of Success (SOS) workshops are held in Lama Library, Maida Kamber Center, Kahikoluamea Imiloa Studio, and Financial Aids Mini Lab throughout the semester. These free workshops allow students to learn about a wide range of practical topics from some of the top instructor around campus.

SOS is offered through the Library and Learning Resources — Reference Department. Topics range from “How to Survive and Online Course” to “STAR for Students” to “Tips on How to Transfer to a 4-Year University.” The offerings ever growing and even have two of the talks available on DVD from the library.

Students at Lama Library

Students congregate in Lama Library, here SOS workshops are held. Photo by Kent Nishimura

To make things simple, SOS covers the basic requirements that differentiate very successful students and those who always seem to struggle to survive in college. Some of these courses would seem obvious such as taking good notes and time management but there are many other courses such as “Emotional Intelligence,” “Creative Support Networks” and “Dude Where’d my money go” that address aspects of the total College Experience that can’t be found through normal channels.

For students who may need extra help in college but don’t know where to seek help, SOS workshops offer practical advice and instruction. Whatever the issue — from understanding the difference between APA and MLA to how to locate library resources — there is likely an SOS workshop that can provide clear understanding.