Campus Security: Six Crimes Reported in 2013, Up from Four in 2012

By Dwayne Sakaguchi, Kapiʻo Staff Writer

Six criminal offenses occurred on the Kapiʻolani Community College campus in 2013, two more than the previous year, according to the 2014 Annual Security Report.

Reported crimes included two instances of burglary, two theft cases, one occurrence each of intimidation and stalking.

In 2012, there were four criminal offenses reported: burglary, motor-vehicle theft (2), and theft. There were only two criminal offenses (burglary and motor-vehicle theft) reported in 2011.

Officer Shaun St. Vincent heads security at KCC. He came to KCC in April 2012, after 4.5 years at UH Mānoa.

Officer Shaun St. Vincent heads security at KCC. He came to KCC in April 2012, after 4.5 years at UH Mānoa.

Of the six incidents recorded for 2013, only one — the theft on an unattended purse — involved a student as a victim.

Both burglary cases involved break-ins to college facilities and the theft of equipment. The intimidation incident involved a student and a faculty member. The stalking case involved a former student and KCC employees. The other theft case involved unattended college property.

“This is only my first semester and it’s kind of scary to hear to find that there is crime on campus,” said full-time student. Asia Sylva. “The students here (including herself) are really chill and seem to mind their own business. I know I wouldn’t commit crime at school so it’s weird to think that other students would do that kind of stuff.”

In informal survey of 55 KCC students conducted in November by students enrolled in JOUR 227, the vast majority of respondents indicated that they felt “very safe” (27) or “safe” (25) on campus, compared to two who said they felt “unsafe” and one who reported feeling “very unsafe.”

Information for the security report is compiled and prepared by the office of the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services in conjunction with the Auxiliary Services Division.

The Campus Security Office is responsible for all security services at the Diamond Head campus. The office employs a total of eight security officers to serve a campus community that includes more than 8,300 students each semester.