‘Hawaii Five-0’s O’Loughlin: I get to do fun ‘boy stuff’ and play with guns

With its third season more than halfway in, “Hawaii Five-0” could not be any hotter. CBS even reached out to fans of the show, allowing its viewers to pick the ending of an episode.

In December, I sat down with “Hawaiʻi Five-0” star Alex O’Loughlin during his lunch break for a casual Q&A interview. After getting some food, we got comfortable inside and started chatting about his career, what’s next for the CBS drama and some quirky favorites of his that some of his fans may not know.

This guy is a character, and was welcoming to questions about how he got started in acting and the Hawai’i-based TV show.

Scott Caan, left, and Alex O'Loughlin, right, enjoy a break between scenes during the filming of the second season finale of "Hawaii Five-0." Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS.

Scott Caan, left, and Alex O’Loughlin, right, enjoy a break between scenes during the filming of the second season finale of “Hawaii Five-0.” Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS.

RT: What’s your favorite car?

AO: My favorite car? Ah man, good question. I think I’d like probably have to go with an old, hard-top (Pontiac) GTO, like a ‘67. Those old GTOs are beautiful. You know the one they have in “xXx”? At the end of “xXx,” he drives the purple one with a machine gun on the roof … Maybe I’m making the machine gun part up.

RT: How is this season different from the last two? From your experience.

AO: I actually really like this season. It feels like a lot of things have smoothed out. I’ve relaxed a bit and I’m not taking risks. I’m not doing stunts like I used to. I just can sit back, do my work and be with my family. So actually, for me it’s fantastic. I feel like I’ve got a bit of job security now. Like (during) the first two years, (it was like) the rug could be pulled any minute.

RT: What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

AO: Well, I have a really great job. I have a lot of fun. I get to tell stories, which is what I love to do most, I get to work with a great group of guys, and I get to do fun “boy stuff” and play with guns. The most rewarding thing about my job, though, is being able to reach people in a way that’s outside of the industry. If I do a bunch of work and become a person of public interest on some level then I can hopefully use that to generate care in other areas that might be based in community service or philanthropy.

I think that’s the most important part of my job as an actor. It’s a way I get to give back.

RT:   Who are some of the most influential people in your life?

AO: My mom is one. And like the other influential people in my life, it’s because of what she’s overcome. But there’s certain men (like my agent), who I’ve known and grown with over the years, whose honor is true, you know what I mean?

The people that I look to in my life for inspiration are people that do things for other people, are people that, for whom their main priorities are, love, respect and integrity like my lady, Malia. They’re the ones I’ve surrounded myself with. They’re the ones I hold in deepest admiration. I cut the others loose.

RT: What is the most exciting thing, that’s different, maybe more action, that you’re excited for viewers to see?

AO: I’m always excited for viewers to tune in and see new “Five-0.” New “Five-0” is always new cool stuff. Gadgets, guns, cars, action, big waves … There’s also a lot of great character stuff going on with (McGarrett’s) mom, Danno’s daughter and ex … I love that its not just procedural.

 To read the full interview, check out the Kapi’o Magazine, coming this spring.