Ka‘ie‘ie Helps KCC Meet Its Transfer Mission

By Dwayne Sakaguchi, Kapi‘o Staff Writer

At a Maida Kamber Center workshop on Sept. 10, Ka‘ie‘ie program coordinator Gemma Williams and transfer specialist Jennifer Brown explained the benefits of the dual admission program for students seeking to transfer to the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Kapi‘olani Community College is the top transfer institution in the state, both in percentage and overall number of students who transfer to four-year institutions — thanks in part to Ka‘ie‘ie, a program that allows students to enroll in classes at UHM while still enrolled at a community college.


To be eligible for the program, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for residents and 2.5 for non-residents; complete 24 hours of credits; and have at least one semester remaining at their community college campus. Participants may not be on academic probation or suspension and cannot already hold a bachelor’s degree.

Williams highlighted some of the perks of participating in the program, including academic advising and counseling, which are made available to assist students in credit evaluations; semester-based academic planning; and ongoing goal-setting and career pathway exploration.

Gemma Williams, Ka‘ie‘ie program coordinator, Maida Kamber Center, KCC

Gemma Williams, Ka‘ie‘ie program coordinator, Maida Kamber Center, KCC

Charles Sasaki, KCC’s dean of Arts and Sciences, said the program helps students become aware of the resources available at UH so that they are not overwhelmed when they transfer.

According to Sasaki, Ka‘ie‘ie creates an “extraordinary” experience for students.

For more information about Ka‘ie‘ie, visit its website: Ka’ie’ie (Degree Pathway Partnership)