Kapi‘o reflections: Suhan Yi

Disclaimer: I want to state this article was written during the context that the administration will take over and have the final say in the decisions made in Kapi‘o. In the meeting with the Chancellor, he promised us no such thing will happen…Which directly contradicts what Dennis Kawaharada, told Kapi‘o.

He’s supervisor of the Student Publications in Kapi‘olani Community College who explicitly told our editor that the content will be determined by faculty and pretty much the opposite of what the chancellor has promised us in the most recent meeting.

Why does his statement contradict with the chancellor’s? We have no idea.

Thank You Kapi‘olani Community College For Shutting Us Down!

As you readers have found out, this is our last paper because we’re getting axed. As a newcomer to Kapi‘o, I was absolutely elated to find out one of the things that made Kapi‘olani Community College unique was getting the boot. I mean, the entire organization only existed for 32 years and served as the voice for the students who wanted it heard, but we’re getting replaced with a totally rad new one.

Now, you might be thinking: “Wait, no students have given their input on this; neither was there any announcement given to the students beforehand!”

However, you have made a totally dumb assumption that KapCC actually cares about any student input. Shame on you.

Now you’re possibly wondering: “What is taking over Kapi‘o?”

Good question! We’ll be taken over by the faculty and staff in order to publish some “outstanding” student writings & important events. Before you ask why in the world something like that would need to replace a student-run newspaper when there are several alternatives to consider, I say to you once more: shame on you. We could work together by collaborating instead of being replaced outright, we could simply function as separate entities but use the same delivery system, and so on, so on. But all these require KapCC to actually listen to the students’ voices and care! Do you think they have the time for that? If they did, they wouldn’t have axed us.

I am not angry with KapCC for doing this; in fact I praise their boldness. You would think
college was meant to prepare students for future work endeavors and give them the chance to improve their resume when applying for jobs or universities. But not KapCC! Not only did these brave men and women decide to plant their feet firmly down against those beliefs, but they also stomped the opportunities of future students who wish to advance their academic careers by experiencing what journalism is like. While I may be able to put, “having journalism background,” when I apply for law school as many successful figures in history have, incoming students won’t. Too bad.

So thank you Kapi‘olani Community College for making this bold decision. I’m glad such an important student-run organization like this, which gave a voice to students, can be ended on a whim without student input! For students who wish to have their voices heard in the future, we recommend an alternative: go see our student government. Simply go to our former office, ring the bell, and wait for somebody to tend to you until you die of old age.