Love is love, a bond, no matter what form

By Crysten Kalua

When we think of love, we automatically think of a man and a woman. It’s the usual thought and something that everyone is accustomed to. But do we really need to think like that? Shouldn’t we think love is a general thing and that everyone can feel this way? Even a man and another man or a woman and another woman? No? Well why not? We all love the same, just different genders.

Gay rights is something that has been affecting the world for a very long time, and yet here we are in 2013 still trying to figure out ways to either be “ok” with it or to completely demolish it. There are many perspectives to this issue and I feel that it is fair to address all sides. The first perspective is religion, the next is society and our personal feelings. In the end, we will always keep our own feelings because it is something that we feel true to ourselves. Although it is still better to look at the big picture.

As a personal opinion, I believe that everyone should have someone to love, even if it’s the opposite gender. I know that love is stronger than any type of force in this world. I could change the view and say that what if your family member couldn’t marry their other half because he or she is white or dark? But I won’t. Only because I see this as the same view. Society definitely takes a huge toll on determining what is right and wrong. I always look back and see society as crap. No one understands how another person feels towards someone else. They only see what’s on the outside and judge how different or unjust it looks.

No one sees the love or the type of connection put together to make a bond. I know that there are fathers, or male generations always expecting their men to be strong and buff and carry on the lineage.

But sometimes that always doesn’t happen along the line. Most fathers would kick their own child out because of disgrace or unfortunately, disgust. Society has also taught us that it’s ‘weird’ to act the other gender, therefore leading it to making them gay. It has taught us to be quick to judge and automatically think that they’re not worth it or horrible people. Aren’t we supposed to treat everyone as equal?

Religious views have shown us for many years that homosexuality is horrible. It has been said that in the bible, Leviticicus 18:22 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.”

However, there is also the scripture, Jeremiah 1:5, where he made everyone, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

It also means that yes, he has created everyone but he has also created the way your life will be. He knew that you were going to be homosexual, so that is another reason why it’s still okay. Religion views for example, Christians are very bold and only believe in sex after marriage and only a man and woman getting married.

There are many forms of love they say, but why can’t a man and woman be gay?

I want for the students of Kapi’olani Community College to see that they can make a difference in having two people of any gender be able to love. They can see from different perspectives for someone else. I hope to inspire someone that has enough power to agree and voice it so that others can see a better side.

I want them to voice themselves and see that love is love no matter what form. Another way that the KCC students could help make a difference is to adjust their society.

Our generation is very used to using words that mean more than they expect them to be. For example, if one says the sentence, “Oh that’s so gay.” Or “You’re so gay,” that just helps the thought of not wanting to be gay. Students could learn to adjust to use different words and all together it can be a different. No one wouldn’t really use “gay” as a negative insult. One last thing that people could do would be if they havegay friends maybe invite their partner. Make them feel like it’s okay to be around yourself and the group of friends instead of excluding them. Some may not realize that they do this, but that’s why you can finally see that it’s an option. It makes the environment feel okay and that the group is able to be “okay” with them and gay rights.

What I’ve gathered from talking with friends and family, some who love gay people and are open to them have changed and opposed against the bill. What changed their mind suddenly is this new way to teach their kids about personal health by bringing in homosexuality. This is a very personal issue mostly for parents because of their children. While being gay is an okay thing for someone, there comes to an extent to where the bill may go. Education is one. It is great that we want to embrace those that are gay, whatever age that may be, however to enforce such a learning experience on young children without the consent of their parents is a to ail them.

Can’t there be a way to make everything work without both sides being mad? Can we not maybe fix the bill and see that there is a possible way to make everyone happy?

One option that I feel would help both sides of the parties is to take a look at the bill once more and fix a few things. Many people of Hawai’i has spoken and said what they’ve want, so maybe to a fix a few things wouldn’t hurt. What I propose it should be with education is that if a school were to teach about homosexuality, then there should be parent consent. It is a private conversation between their families if they welcome gay rights apart of their lives. I believe that this is a strong way to help one part of the issue. Surely, and gay rights is one of the many big hills that we must climb over. As Hawai’i, we can possibly show that we are strong enough to unite together and make something work for both parties to be satisfied.

Everyone may not have to like gays, but they should at least respect and be “okay” that they are the way they want to be. To judge someone else’s life is to question your sanity is a quote that runs through my mind.

If someone can’t judge you, then why should you have the right to judge? Society, religion and your personal issue on gay rights can only change if everyone stops and thinks about how they want this world. Happy or lying?

The country is slowly changing in to a better country.