Mo’ Money Movember

By Dwayne Sakaguchi, Kapi‘o Staff Writer

After a successful spate of activities in support during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students, faculty and staff at Kapi‘olani Community College are turning their attention to men’s health in a most hair-raising way.

Keahi Salvador, an assistant professor of Spanish, is spearheading a campus-wide effort to raise money for the Movember organization by encouraging men not to shave their mustaches for a whole month.

Keahi Salvador, KCC assistant professor of Spanish,

Keahi Salvador, KCC assistant professor of Spanish,

Under terms of the so-called Movember Challenge, men shave their faces clean on the first day of November, then let their moustaches grow for rest of the month (no beards or goatees; The Rules). Donors support the participating individual or team by pledging money.

“I started getting involved with this program last year and just signed up online and got my classes involved,” Salvador explained. “We raised a decent amount of money, and my students enjoyed how easy it was to participate.”

Although growing a moustache sounds simple, it allows individuals to initiate a conversation with others about what they are doing.

Salvador said that people at first find it strange that participants are growing out their “‘staches” but they eventually pledge their support when they find out the cause the growth represents.

With November quickly rolling around, Salvador has begun sharing the news with his language classes by bringing in packages of goodies that he has bought online to help motivate the students. He has also passed out stickers and put up posters and advertisements in hopes of getting students and faculty eager to donate a few dollars for a good cause.

“Everyone is aware of cancer and health issues in women, but many people do not take notice of the health issues that men have to deal with,” Salvador said.

Since the first Movember drive in 2003, more than 4 million participants have raised nearly $580 million to address prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

“KCC may not be the highest funding source for the program, but even with raising a dollar or two, at least we are attempting to make a difference in the world as best as we can,” Salvador said.

To join the KCC Movember Team or to make a donation, visit the KCC Movember website.