Ode to My Apps

Ode to Apps

Ode to Apps. Photo by Jonathan Webber

By Jonathan Webber, Kapi‘o Staff Writer /

Each morning I grab it, removed from the charger.

A convenient size, I would not want it larger.

Through constant use, I’m a smartphone whiz.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

            The has become an almost essential addition to the college student’s arsenal of electronics. The advantage of a smartphone over a flip phone is the ability to customize. Through downloading the right applications, or apps, a college student is able to realize the full capability of these beneficial hand-held computers.

Agendas come first in my order of business

what things I’ll accomplish with only the right list.

At procrastination I’ll be shaking a balled fist.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Organization is the key to being a successful student, and a good list-making app can help the college student fit more into the day. Any.do (www.any.do) is a list-making app that users can access across many devices, so their to-do list is never forgotten at home. The lists can also be shared among students working together on a project, which allows for efficient collaboration.

Textbook acquisition is a tedious chore.

A discounted price I am seeking to score.

I’ll sell all these books, then collect some more.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Buying textbooks is an essential part of being a college student. There are different ways to do so, depending on what books are needed. Some are available for rent, and others come in electronic form. The BigWords app (bigwords.com) is a search engine for textbooks, allowing the user to compare rates and types of textbooks. The student may compare rental, e-book, and hardcover prices with shipping options. This app aids the student in minimizing one of the main costs of education.

I doodled and gamed all during the summer.

To do so in class would be a real bummer.

After class I’ll find the name of that drummer.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

It is easy to be distracted when the internet is a finger swipe away. College students who want to limit their smartphones use for their own good can try Self-Control (selfcontrolapp.com). This app allows the user to set a time limit on their internet use, after which the browser switch to offline mode. This helps users focus on what is going on in class versus what could be accessed via their phone. The app also can block certain sites, enabling the user to research classwork and not celebrities.

I crank up the songs when I’m driving my car.

My variety of music taste stretches so far.

For just the right tune, I’ll spend a dollar.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Getting an education is the goal of every college student. Gaining knowledge for free can only help. The iTunes U app (http://goo.gl/5yIf83) allows the user to access a vast amount of free college information, from lectures and books to assignments and discussions. This app lets anyone who is willing to learn do so for free — on their own time and terms.

I snap a quick pic then add in some texture.

My handwriting’s bad so I record every lecture.

This way I’ll learn that new math conjecture.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Taking good notes is another essential trait for the successful college student. The Evernote app (evernote.com) allows the user to take photos, record audio, shoot video, clip webpages, and draw diagrams quickly. The app can be also shared on all the user’s devices. Students are able to capture any thought in whichever medium best suits the data for that moment in time. This allows for effective studying later.

I can study some Kanji and parle francais

And still keep them straight at the end of the day.

Language immersion is another way

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

The world has many languages, and the ability to speak them opens up new opportunities for college students. Duolingo (en.duolingo.com) is an app which allows for language study anywhere. Immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language, and this app allows the user to be immersed in language while in line, on the bus, or wherever.

We study at ten instead of eigh

Because someone needs money and is working late.

A text message changes the study group’s fate.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Text messaging is the way in which most college students choose to contact people. According to a 2015 study published in Social Science Journal, college students send or receive more than 100 text messages per day. Textra (textra.me) is a fully customizable app that can help make text message traffic from getting overwhelming. The app offers resizable font, background options, dark mode, which may come in handy when group conversations get too bothersome. Textra also lets the user reply to texts via a pop-up feature, allowing for quick replies in class.

The weekend is coming, and so is my rent.

Those dollars I earned were frivolously spent.

I’m able to track each and every cent.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Strapped-for-cash college student can keep a budget balanced with the Mint.com app, which allows users to compare balances on credit cards, checking accounts, and savings accounts. The app also tracks monthly spending, students can see exactly where spending needs to be controlled.

Finding a hotspot can be quite absurd.

Now to connect, I need the password.

Caffeine, side of internet, is the drink I ordered.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Most college classes require students to access the internet at different times. While this may constitute an unwanted expense, it can also be seen as a good excuse to get coffee. Wi-Fi Finder (https://goo.gl/jLx3dm) is an app which displays Wi-Fi locations close to the user, for both paid and unpaid access. The use of this app is a way for the college student to decrease internet-access spending and increase coffee-access spending.

I can answer emails and forward them on

Without leaving the comfortable chair on my lawn.

My study group and I forge a learning bond.

What a wonderful tool made for school that it is.

Email has become essential to the college student. Classmates and professors alike use this medium for contact on a daily basis. The Gmail app (https://goo.gl/1DJUzE) does a nice job of collecting multiple addresses into one inbox, and gives the user has the ability to archive documents. This feature comes in handy when taking multiple classes.

The number of apps designed to help students study, communicate, and relax is constantly growing. The most effective way to find the best apps for personal use is to test and compare. With over a million choices available for any smartphone, the user is able to personalize their perfect college learning tool.